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Welcome to Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking, Phuket

Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari in Phuket is Thai owned and operated.

Set on a beautiful Ocean Viewpoint in this dense tropical jungle setting is where the Elephant Kraal booking  reception and Bar is located. We offer various jungle  routes riding on these Majestic animals from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Our fully trained and experienced guide handlers will take you and your family through the dense tropical forest along paths and trails from the southwest corner of the beautiful Phuket island stopping at scenic beauty for photographs along the way.


At the entrance to the Elephant Kraal there is a large bar serving both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages to locals and tourists alike whilst customers are encouraged to relax overlooking the beautiful ocean view.

Children and adults are encouraged to stop by the banana kiosk to observe and feed the Elephants, there is no charge. This is a great photo opporutnity and you can even touch the elephants trunk.

Why not stop by and join our regular guests for a drink or two at the bar. Take your time though as you may end up staying longer than you planned at Kok Chang Elephant Safari, Phuket.

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Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking
    Please note we are closed on April 13 for Thai New Year - this is the only day of the year we close
The adventure begins....

We offer 20, 30 minute & 50 minute journeys riding on the back of Thailands finest majestic animals the Elephant through dense tropical jungle trails in the south west corner of Phuket between Kata Noi Beach resort and Viewpoint. The journey begins at the elephant kraal at the entrance to our park where our fully trained handlers (mahouts) will escort you through this magnificent scenery. You may even get to ride on the elephants shoulders with no seat.

Safety is our main concern

We are Thai licensed and all our staff are fully trained and experienced.

Enjoy relaxing at our bar.

At the entrance to our Elephant Kraal, you will find our booking reception area and a fully stocked bar serving both soft drinks, coffee, shakes, ice cream and alcoholic drinks overlooking the sea of Kata Noi; join our locals and new visitors alike and meet new people. It's a friendly place to relax.

Feed our elephants at the Kraal

Children and adults are encouraged tovisit the Banana kiosk and feed the elephants, no charge to feed the elephants and take photos.




Natthatip: +66 089 591 9413, +66 095 256 1611, +66 080 040 9429 (speaks English) If you don't get through the first time please try again as sometimes we don't have a signal in the jungle.
For rates and transport info click here or just call us. Please call us directly. We don't use agents or tour desks. We do take advance bookings by email, for same day and next day bookings you must call us. We do not accept same day or next day bookings by email. Dont worry we speak English. If you have your own transport just come anytime no need to contact us.
Bookings are for transport to and from hotel.


For email enquiries please note all our infis on our rates page including the pricing details and and transport otpions.
Please allow 48 hours for a reply. For same day or next day bookings we accept by phone only.
+66 089 591 9413,+66 095 256 1611,+66 080 040 9429 . If you have your own transport please just come anytime, as we only take bookings for transport. We are flexible and have no set time for the elephant treks.

Please note we do not use agents/tour desk. Sometimes tour desk will also not connect us to customers trying to call us because we have no contracts with them. Best to call yourself or make sure they put you on the phone.

We can provide transportation with our own private vehicles so when we pick you up it is only your group. This allows us to be flexible and we have no set times. We have brand new min vans to accomodate larger groups.
(see rates)

However if you use a taxi, or tuk-tuk to reach us please insist on coming to Kok Chang Safari as in the past people have been taken to other safaris. .

Make sure you see the Kok Chang Logo and a welcome sign o you know you have made it to the right place-->>>

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Kok Chang Safari

Call Natthatip: +66 089 591 9413, +66 095 256 1611, +66 080 040 9429 (speaks English)

287 Moo2, Tambol Karon, Ampur Muang, Phuket 83100 (just about a minute NORTH of the Kata Viewpoint).

Tourism Authority of Thailand License No. 2786
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