Elephant care

Kokchang safari or Phuket elephant village

Until Covid-19 we have to closed our camp more than 2 years, we care all elephant by ourself, 11 elephants are in our care as well. We never thought taking care of them would cost a lot of money.

In the middle of 2020, the time is rainy season, it’s our biggest regret because we have lost a baby elephant named Thoong-Ngern. He was sick and the doctor was unable to treat him due to the district to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, causing us to lose a lovely baby elephant at the age of ten.

And in August 2021, the oldest elephantin the camp’s name grandma Pee-Mai. She was sick whit old age disease; she has pain in her left back leg. She couldn’t walk and fell several times.

We try to heal her but with the past situation, we close our farm for long time causing shortage of money for medical treatment, therefore we have accepted donations. Of money and some elephant food for going to help grandma Pee-Mai and other elephant in the Farm.