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Elephant Care

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We plan all the activities under a concept of ‘How elephants and human can live together in the expansion of urban area in Phuket.’ Once the forest where the elephants call home starting to turn to building and houses, where are they going to live? How can we take a proper care of them? What do they normally eat? How do they sleep? The result of this thinking is a place where elephants have enough food to eat awareness environment to live in and of course a proper waste management system in place to make sure that this elephant sanctuary is well accepted by the locals.


Become a baby elephant buddy. Learning a history of Thai people and
elephants. Get yourself ready because it’s bathing time! Join this sweet giant
during their bath in a river and help scrub their skin or maybe it will help you
instead. Lastly, feeding the elephants with fresh delicious snack from
the jungle.

Duration: 1-1.5 hr.
Adult: THB 1,700
Children 4-11 year:  THB 1,200
Children Under 4 year: FREE
Daily departures 4 times a day
9.00 / 11.00 / 14.00 / 16.00


We will take you to learn about the history of Thai elephants and to make friends with big friends which is a symbol of Thailand. Along with feeding and take a picture with the naughty baby elephant

After that, everyone will have a bathing with the elephants in the large pool, scrub, splash water, clean the skin for the elephants.

When the shower is finished You must learn about the food of elephants. And prepare food and feed it to the elephant by yourself

“Elephant dung” After learning about food, you will see demonstrations and experiments using elephant dung to make paper as a souvenir. It also helps to reduce waste, use elephant dung for utilization

After that, it will be a demonstration of making traditional coconut oil and having lunch/dinner together. We serve you with favorite Thai food and fruits.

Adult: THB 2,700
Children 4-11 year:  THB 1,900
Children Under 4 year: FREE
Daily departures 2 times a day
9.00 -12.30 / 14.00 – 17.0

Remark :

Program include bathing essential item soap and shampoo.Customers are expected to bring their own personal items such as medicine, a set of cloth for changing, towels and sun glasses and etc.

Elephant Care

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